South Korea’s fresh fruit and vegetable comes to Taiwan again

On the day of the event, invited representatives from Korea and Taiwan to visit the site.

Last year, the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food and the AT Korea Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Food Distribution Corporation introduced Taiwan’s “Korea Fresh Zone” Korea’s fresh fruit and vegetable area, which was stationed in department stores and shopping malls, and expanded into the Taiwan market by “shop-in-shop”. It not only opens up the popularity of Korean fruit and vegetable production, but also creates sales success and consumer praise.

At the event, the hanbok and the counter photo

This year, 2019 Korea Fresh Zone Korea’s fresh fruit and vegetable area was re-launched, and the JASONS Market Place supermarket in the designated areas of Dazhi Miramar, Zhonghe Global and Tianmu Daye Takashimaya began to sell. Consumers can enjoy fresh and direct delivery of fruits and vegetables without flying to Korea. 

Fruit items sold on site

Vegetable items sold on site

In addition to the well-received sugar-smelling peppers, there are also round and full-bodied musk mushy grapes, each of which is thin and transparent, and emits a unique fragrance. It can be eaten with skin after simple cleaning. It is very convenient; Freshly delivered fruits and vegetables are available in more than 20 kinds of items, such as a golden melon with a lovely, pleasing appearance and aroma. It is covered with layers of sweet and delicious onions. It is rich in moisture, sweet and not greasy. Cantaloupe and so on.

A large number of people gathered at the event to participate in the trial and discussion.

At the event, there were also staff wearing traditional Korean costumes to interact and try out the food.

Staff wearing traditional Korean costumes assisted the public in the trial and filled out the questionnaire.

Recently, at the B1F JASONS Market Place of Zhonghe Global Shopping Center, a 2019 Korea Fresh Zone Korean fresh fruit and vegetable area weekend flash event was held. The site is not only equipped with fresh Korean fruits and vegetables for the people in the supermarket to try and eat, but also arranges special people to promote to the public, explain the characteristics of Korean agricultural products and how to eat, and let Taiwanese consumers through activities and interaction with the people. We can further understand the fresh fruits and vegetables of the Korean season.

Representatives of South Korean organizers inspected on-site display cabinets

On the day of the event, Li Shouhao, Director of the Korean Agricultural and Aquatic Food Distribution Corporation, Director Liang Rengui, and General Manager of the Wacker International Co., Ltd., Yu Jinchi, visited and inspected. The organizers also arranged on the scene to interact with the people wearing Korean traditional costumes. In addition to allowing the locals to not only enjoy the authentic Korean flavor, but also to experience the unique Korean culture of the style; the organizer said that during the event, in addition to a number of fresh Korean fruits and vegetables for purchase or gift, There are more good activities in the 2019 Korea Fresh Zone Korea Fresh Fruit and Fruit Zone!

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