Korean fresh fruit and vegetable area enters JASONS supermarket

Photographs of all participants at the event site on the same day

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock and Foodstuffs and AT Korea Agricultural and Aquatic Food Distribution Corporation took the lead in introducing the concept of Korea’s “Korea Fresh Zone” in Korea in 2018, and planned to enter the “Supermarket” to enter Taiwan’s physical channel with “shop-in-shop” sales. market. In addition to direct delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables imported from South Korea, Korea Fresh Zone will add other dried fruits, healthy snacks, etc. according to the different designs of the products. The market is positioned as “Korean fresh fruits and vegetables, safe eating, holiday gifts”.

Invited to a well-known dance group to perform Korean traditional folk dance as an opening program

Director of the AT Korea Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Distribution Corporation Export Office

Officially entered the JASONS supermarket and held the ribbon-cutting ceremony on the spot.

Director Park Gee-chung was interviewed by various news media at the scene.

The Korea Fresh Zone has been on sale at designated outlets. From now on, you can purchase unique Korean fresh fruits and vegetables from Dazhi Miramar, Yonghe Bibi Plaza and Tianmu Dayao Takashimaya JASONSMarket Place. There are more than 20 kinds of different fruits and vegetables, including the exclusive sale of the world’s first functional sugar-changing peppers. It is a new product in this category. It has intensive AGI ingredients and rich vitamin C. It is called pepper but has no spicy taste. Therefore, children can also eat. The sugar-regulating peppers are grown in the state of Jeollabuk-do, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea. They are jointly developed by the Korea Rural Promotion Agency, Gyantse University, and the first species of seedlings.

Various fresh fruits and vegetables in Korea Fresh Zone

There is also a muscat grape with a unique fruit aroma. The fruit is full of peel and the skin is thin. The fruit is seedless and can be eaten with skin. The taste is very crisp. The golden melon is the seasonal fruit of Korea when it enters summer. It contains sufficient water and is refrigerated. Have a different flavor. There are also a number of fresh Korean fruits and vegetables to choose from or gifts, all in the Korea Fresh Zone.

All the participants in the meeting took a group of fresh fruits and vegetables

B2FJASONSMarket Place, Yonghe Bibi Plaza held a press conference for the Korea Fresh Zone Korea Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Zone. Specially invited to the Director of the Export Department of AT Korea Agriculture and Fisheries Distribution Co., Ltd., Mr. Park, and the Director of the Food Export Department, National Day and the Director of the Taipei Office. Liu Wei, JASONS Market Place Yonghe Bixi Plaza Wudian Manager Yan Qin, Sun Xuechang Yitang, Taiwan Wacker International Co., Ltd. General Manager Jin Chi came to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and the lovely mascot interaction, featuring Korea Bringing fruits and vegetables into Taiwan, so that people can go to South Korea without flying, you can taste the food that Ouba and Ouni eat every day!

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