Press conference of the new Ganquan pear to Taiwan in Tottori Prefecture

Yang Xiaoli, Okubo Ma pear and Japanese kimono staff

New Ganquan Pear to Taiwan in Tottori Prefecture, Japan from Sanli News

The new red pear variety developed by Tottori Prefecture in Japan is a unique variety of “20th Century Pear” and “Phushui Pear”. It belongs to the early jade variety. The sweetness is as high as 13~15 degrees, but there are The “20th Century Pear” is a crisp, high-quality fruit that Japan is proud of. It is now available for sale at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store. Taiwanese people can taste delicious Japanese pears without going abroad.

Sweet and juicy Japanese pear – New Ganquan pear

The main producing areas of Japanese pears are located in Tottori, Ibaraki, Chiba, Nagano and Fukushima. Tottori Prefecture is the county with the smallest population, but it has the largest Tottori sand dunes in Japan and the first high mountain in central Japan, and produces more than Japan’s total output. More than half of the pears, each pear exported by the light wave to detect the sweetness and quality, according to the mountains and seas, four distinct seasons, the climate is warm and foggy called “Shanyin”, has the most suitable natural environment for the growth of pear trees.

Japanese kimono staff try to take a photo of the new Ganquan pear

The new Ganquan Pear Fruit Gift Box was first listed in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store last year, and it has a bright sales result, which has been echoed by the public. Therefore, this year Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Supermarket and Taiwan Wacker International Co., Ltd. once again cooperated with the sale.

Press conference on the new Ganquan pear gift box exhibition

On September 6th, a press conference was held at the A11 B2F Supermarket in Xinyi, Xinyi, Xinguang, and the launch of the Tottori-New Ganquan Pear Fruits in Japan. Invited Okubo Ma pear as the manager of the day, she has hosted a number of travel programs, traveled throughout Japan and traveled throughout Taiwan.

Okubo Mariko served as the manager of the day and shared the sweet and crisp taste of the new Ganquan pear.

There are also Japanese kimono staff to provide tasting service for the public.

Okubo Mako, a Japanese, has a different understanding of Tottori Prefecture. After tasting the new Ganquan pear, he loves it and promises to take over the activities of the manager of the day and actively share his taste with the public.

Okubo Ma pears interact with the audience on the game.

In addition to Okubo Mako, who served as the manager of the day, the Tottori Prefecture government also sent personnel to perform traditional dances in Tottori Prefecture. Because of the umbrella dance, the dancers held beautiful umbrellas, followed by music and dance, which made people feel like they were in Japan, and there were cute birds. The county mascot-Toripy airlift came to Taiwan, and the cute shape made the people scramble to take pictures. The whole press conference was full of Japanese atmosphere, and the Japanese people’s hospitality was the best way to share the best fruits with Taiwan.

Tottori Prefecture government sent a member to perform traditional dance – umbrella dance

The dancer holds a beautiful umbrella and follows the music dance

All representatives of the participants attended the photo with Toripi, the mascot of Tottori Prefecture.

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