Brand and Services

What We Are Looking For?
There are a few key components we are looking for in our suppliers. Although profitability is essential for all businesses,
we look at profitability in a further scope. Does the product have potential? Does it fit the market need? Is our partners
willing to invest their time and money to develop their brand image? We believe with commitment from both parties, we
will establish a strong label in the market together. And that is an asset we can keep for a long time.

Many of our suppliers have been working with us for more than fifteen years. Our relationship with our suppliers are more
than partners; in fact, we are more like families! We believe with trust, our communication flow will be more clear and our
information will be more transparent. This allows us to make more accurate decision that benefits all parties.

Our subsidiary company was founded in 2002 for the purpose of reaching closer to the consumers and understanding
their buying behavior. Our virtual store was launched in 2003 and our actual store was opened in 2014. The store is a
milestone for the company because it stimulates our online sales and encourages product diversification.


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• Italian Coffee
• Australian Cherry Liquor
• Australian Cherry Juice
• New Zealand Wine
• Chilean Olive Oil
• Japanese Fruit Jelly
• Japanese Organic Microorganism
• Taiwanese Tea